Our Core Essentials

We will grow well. We must keep growing spiritually. We want to “lay hold of that for which Christ laid hold of us” (Philippians 3.12). Being a disciple and making disciples doesn’t stop as we grow older. We are not finished.


We will connect well. We must connect well with each other. We have needs that are unique to this season in life. We need to stay connected and be aware of those needs with each other.


We will care well. We must care well for each other during the unique challenges, opportunities, and new personal crises in this season of life, developing our own life-stage togetherness.


We will invest well. We must invest (downward) in the next generations. Many younger people are hungry to spend time with those who have biblical truth, spiritual perspective, and the life experiences possessed by an older generation. The Scriptures call it discipleship.

We will be Available. We commit ourselves to keep giving our lives away to serve others locally and globally. In strategic and intentional ways, we will use the skills, experiences, giftedness, and wisdom that God has entrusted to us through our life’s work to serve and strengthen others.

We will be Plan Ahead for when we are gone.


Our Mission


Finishing Well Ministries continues to aim at developing strategic partnerships with churches, parachurch ministries, and institutions for the purpose of mobilizing senior adults for the kingdom of God and the local church. Senior adults can impact the kingdom of God as never before.


Our Vision


As we seek to live life from God’s perspective and to glorify Him, we purpose to maximize the spiritual impact of a senior generation of men and women as disciples for the kingdom of God and the local church!


Why Finish Well?

• We tend to get stuck and isolated in life, but God calls us to keep growing and to keep investing our lives in others.

• The Scriptures honor older people and so should the church. At the time when older people have even more to offer, they are being moved aside.

• Older people have wisdom and time to invest in others. The church will be stronger as older people dream dreams alongside younger generations (Acts 2.17), investing downward in the church.

• Our population is aging. In 2010, 13% of the US population was over age 65. By 2030, that percentage will nearly double. 10,000 “Boomers” turn 65 every day. The church needs to step up its outreach to an older

generation, beginning with its own.

• As the Baby Boomer generation ages, the largest ever exchange of finances from one generation to the next generation will take place. 41 trillion dollars will pass from one generation to the next. Will it be invested


• The older we are spiritually and biblically, more is required of us. The more God teaches and entrusts to us, the more we have to offer others.

• The church needs a way to encourage and to unleash the gifts and the wisdom God has entrusted to an older



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