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Below is a short list of recommended reading by Finishing Well Ministries. We treid to provide the link to where these can be purchased with each description. Please note that these are recommendations only, Finishing Well Ministries does not recieve any proceeds from any of these publishers or retailers.


Enjoy these great books as we all work to Finish Well while Living Well.

Intergenerational Christian Formation


Intergenerational Christian Formation serves as an essential guide for all preparing for and involved in congregational ministry and formation. Discover the riches of intergenerational ministry, and let all generations commend the works of God to one another.

Most churches and faith communities segment their ministries by age and generation. The kids go to children's church, the teens go to youth group. Worship services are geared toward different generational preferences, and small groups gather people at the same life stage, whether singles, young marrieds, parents or empty nesters. In some congregations, people may never interact with those of other ages. 

But it was not always so. Throughout biblical tradition and the majority of history, communities of faith included people of all ages together in corporate worship, education and ministry. The church was not just multigenerational; it was intergenerational, with the whole church together as one family and people of all ages learning from one another in common life. 

In this comprehensive text, Intergenerational Christian Formation Holly Allen and Christine Ross offer a complete framework for intentional intergenerational Christian formation. They provide the theoretical foundations for intergenerationality, showing how learning and spiritual formation are better accomplished through intergenerational contexts. It is not just elders teaching youth; learning also takes place when adults discover fresh insights from children. Then the authors give concrete guidance for intergenerational praxis on how worship, learning, community and service can all be achieved intergenerationally. Case studies of intergenerational congregations provide models for how a culture of intergenerationality can be created in local churches. 



Extreme Grandparenting: The Ride of Your Life!


In Extreme Grandparenting: The Ride of Your Life!, you'll find honesty, humor, stories, and practical experience to motivate and guide you into richer relationships with your children and grandchildren. Discover how you can reach and relate to grandkids, not only as a mentor and loving family member, but as a spiritual rock during the hard times. Give the greatest gift possible to your family: yourself. A Focus on the Family resource. Paperback.



September Songs: The Good News About Marriage in the Later Years

Since the beginning of the twentieth century, thirty years have been added to the normal human life expectancy. In September Songs, the follow-up to her bestselling Intimate Partners, Maggie Scarf investigates the surprising and profound evolution marriage has undergone in these "bonus years." In a series of intimate and provocative interviews, she delves into the lives of couples married for more than two decades and uncovers the welcome news that most couples are more satisfied in their marriages today than in their early years together. By giving voice to both their struggles and their triumphs, these husbands and wives reveal how they've balanced their emotional and physical needs with those of their partner's, and how the lessons they've learned over time have helped them find new opportunities to love, cherish, and live alongside each other in the extra years they have together.


Beyond Half Time


Beyond Halftime provides guidance, reassurance, and insight for men and women on the halftime journey from success to significance. In Bob Buford's bestseller, Halftime, he tells you how to make the transition. In Beyond Halftime, Bob accompanies you on that journey as a personal coach, answering questions and offering encouragement every step of the way.



Finishing Well

Based on inspiring interviews with 60 remarkable people who have furthered their significance rather than to rest on their success. Includes trailblazers such as Peter Drucker, Roger Staubach, and Ken Blanchard.


Finishing Our Course with Joy: Guidance from God for Engaging with Our Aging

Do you look in the mirror and see gray hair and wrinkles? Packer---now in his mid-80s---says that getting older doesn't mean you should banish yourself to the rocking chair! Sharing personal insights and examples, he offers a compelling vision for lifelong learning, purposeful planning, running the race with endurance, and glorifying Jesus---no matter what your age! 128 pages, softcover.


Rethinking Retirement: Finishing Life for the Glory of Christ

Longtime preacher, teacher, and author Piper challenges fellow baby boomers to forego the American dream of comfortable retirement and live dangerously for the One who gave himself in his prime! You'll discover how to finish well, persevere for the right reasons, experience true security, and more.


Finishing Well to the Glory of God


Combining his medical expertise, firsthand experience with patients, and firm commitment to Scripture, geriatric specialist Dr. Dunlop proposes nine strategies for finishing life well. Theologically robust and practically relevant, his insights demonstrate the proper physical, emotional, and spiritual preparation needed so that aging and death can result in a purposeful rest in the Savior's arms. 240 pages, softcover from Crossway.



Vision For The Aging Church


Are we ready for the opportunities and challenges facing the aging church?

Now is the time for the church to offer ministry to its increasing numbers of seniors and to benefit from ministry they can offer. In this book James M. Houston and Michael Parker issue an urgent call to reconceive the place and part of the elderly and seniors in the local church congregation.

Confronting the idea that the aging are mostly a burden on the church, they boldly address the moral issues related to caring for them, provide examples of successful care-giving programs and challenge the church to restore broken connections across the generations.

Cowritten by a noted theologian and an expert in the fields of social work and gerontology, this interdisciplinary book assesses our current cultural context and the challenges and opportunities we face. The authors show us that seniors aren't the problem. They are the solution.



The Best Is Yet to Be: Moving Mountains in Midlife


No one needs to tell you that the crises of midlife are real. In fact, they can loom like mountains blocking your path. Kids grow up, parents grow old, spouses grow apart. Finances get strained and regrets are relentless—just when it should be getting easier! At this stage of life, it's easy to feel that our best years are behind us and somehow we've missed it.
But, as you'll discover in this book, your later years can be your greatest years—by holding steady and following the Bible's principles for finishing well. You can enjoy an inspiring second half and pass on an enduring legacy utilizing the practical guidance found in The Best Is Yet to Be.



You Purpose Puzzle

Ponder your life for a moment. Why are you living in your town? Why do you have the job you have? Why are you in a specific relationship? Why are you living in your current conditions, whatever they might be? God has a purpose for everyone -- a purpose that He determined for us before we were even born. He created us specifically for this purpose. We rarely see the full picture, but God gradually reveals pieces of it over time. It is our job to assemble the puzzle and faithfully carry out our purpose. This guide will walk you through the process of prayerfully evaluating your God-given purpose and pursuing it!


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