Encourage, encourage, encourage. So few people have a constant encourager in their lives.


Give one last gift to Jesus through your estate. Honor Him in your death as you sought to do in your life, making your last act on earth a gift to your church or a Christian ministry.



When you go to church this Sunday, ask yourself this question. “Who does God want me to pay attention to? Who can I reach out to? Who can I encourage?” Ask God to bring to your attention a younger man or woman and take him/her to breakfast, lunch, or coffee. Tell him you care about him/her. Build a relationship with him/her. Encourage him/her in their career, their marriage, their family, and their relationship with God.


Volunteer in a church or community ministry. Find a way to serve and give your life away.



Take a close look at what God has taught you in life through your work skills, and ask God how He can use what He has taught you to share with others. If you are a physician or dentist, take time to encourage medical or dental students or young doctors. If you are a lawyer, look for a younger lawyer and encourage them. Whatever your career skills, there are younger people who would value your encouragement and insight.


ENCOURAGE your Home Church

Write cards and notes to people. Children and their parents are a good place to start. Personal mail is so rare these days that handwritten cards and notes become treasures..


Be a mentor to younger adults. Get to know the ones around you. Ask about their lives. Listen to them. Pray for them. When they face issues you faced, tell them how you managed. Be a grandparent outside your family.


Be a mentor/encourager to younger people. As a couple or as an individual, be a mentor to young people in their marriage.

Be a mentor/encourager to younger people in their parenting roles.

Be a mentor/encourager to younger people in their work lives, encouraging younger people to know God leadership in pursuing the task of balancing priorities in work and home.



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