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Lots of encouraging things going on.

1. This Wednesday evening we complete a 7-week series on the Six Essentials at Highland Country Fellowship here in Dallas. God has worked through each week. Approximately 70-80 people have joined us each week. PTL!

2. We begin a 2nd 6-weeks series because our room only held a limited number of seats, so the 2nd group launches next week.

3. Some folks in the first class recommended we repeat the series a Ventana, and local senior living facility, so next week we launch that series as well.

4. We completed a Zoom class on the 6 Essentials - a small group - just a few have joined us but again it was a wonderful experience.

5. Mike Taylor from Park Cities Baptist Church Dallas is leading his 6 Essentials class. It's going well.

6. Finally, Venita Welcome from New Jersey is launching a new online series next week.

I appreciate and value each of y'all.

The circle is slowly growing.

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