FWM Goes to Israel 2018

I cannot say enough about our trip to Israel. God blessed it in thousands of ways. Thanks for praying for the 28 of us who were able to go. What did it mean to us? See the comments at the bottom of the page.

The slide show below is a pictorial history of our days there. Note that the pictorial is broken into two parts. Be sure and click the photos for more detail. I hope you will enjoy it.

Please note: It is our desire that FWM will return in the spring of 2020 for a 2nd trip. It’s not too early to start thinking ahead. If interested, send me a note.

Love y'all,


Part One

Part Two

It is our prayer that the 14 hours of flying home and the reintegration of our lives back into our western world would not diminish what God has taught us and all that we have experienced during our days here. To God be the glory!


Thanks for the privilege of serving through Finishing Well Ministries. Keep praying for us.








"Such a great, inspirational trip!"


I cannot tell you enough what this trip meant to me... in more ways than you can imagine it has changed my life. It got me through some very tough times, and I will continue to think through all we experienced as I move forward. ... the trip was fantastic, and I am so glad I was able to be part of it.


"Each one of you was an incredible blessing on the trip.  Having a common spirit and goals for the trip brought us together quickly. "


"I have been listening to the YouTube song, Hallelujah! Wish we were back on that bus traveling toward Jerusalem. How awesome that we were there just before the embassy opened. Miss y'all🤗 "


"I am convinced that a second trip to the Holy Land is even more special than the first trip.  The first trip is like “drinking from a fire hydrant” and the second trip is where you really have an opportunity to connect the dots between the Old Testament in the Bible and the actual places where those events took place.  The real “icing on the cake” was the unique opportunity to learn more about how numerous Biblical personalities either “finished well” or didn’t finish well as taught by Hal, and then the special insight that was further gained from having a tour guide who presented Israel’s history through the lens of a Christian belief. "


"The trip was just superb in every way for us.  We loved every single person in our group, and we appreciated so much the selections you had made of sites to visit.  We were thrilled all over again to discover new places (like Golan Heights, Mount Arbel, Bet Shehan, Gideon’s Spring and others). What a treat it was to realize that there actually still exists “the eye of the needle” that Jesus spoke of!  God was faithful to bless us all with unexpected discoveries like that all along the way.  Each time we have returned home from Israel, we know we are changed in such positive ways.  No wonder God says He will call Israel “My delight is in her.”  Our delight is in discovering her, too! There were so many times that my mouth fell open when I realized what I was seeing, straight from the pages of scripture! Thank you for hosting this wonderful Holy Land adventure and for including us in the blessing. " 


"I had such a wonderful time. I will never forget this trip. "

"Thank you for everything. You made this trip for me!"

"I feel like my personal relationship with God has grown so much . I am working on finishing well!"

"Best Regards and God Bless you and your wife!"

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