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The Contrasts in the Christmas Story

Hal Habecker

Dec 23

“The Contrasts in the Christmas Story” The 27th Day of Advent

Today I want to consider some the rich contrasts of the Christmas story.

  1. Jesus had a human birth (Luke 2.11) that we might have a heavenly birth (John 1.12).

  • Jesus took His place in a manger (Luke 2.7) that we might have a heavenly home (John 14.2).

  • Jesus became part of an earthly family (Matthew 2.11) that we might become members of a heavenly family (Galatians 3.26).

  • Jesus made Himself subject to others (Luke 2.51) that we might be free men (Galatians 5.1).

  • Jesus set aside His glory (Philippians 2.6,7) that we might receive a crown of glory (1 Peter 5.4).

  • Jesus became poor (Matthew 8.20) that we might become rich (2 Corinthians 8.9).

  • Jesus was welcomed by shepherds (Luke 2.16) while our birth is heralded by angels (Luke 15.10).

  • Though Jesus was pursued by an evil ruler (Matthew 2.13),He might destroy the devil (Hebrews 2.14).

Each of these contrasts could be sermons that stand on their own, and I suspect that I have preached them as some of the 200 Advent sermons I have preached over the last nearly 50 years. But I never tire of thinking about the mystery of the Incarnation. Even if I lived another 50 years and preached another 200 sermons, the depths of the mysteries of His coming would be still as profound and fresh as they would have been in Mary’s heart that very first conversation she had with Gabriel. How is this possible, she asked?

The joy of the Christmas story (and the life of Jesus) is that we have the opportunity to live out the mysteries of all that He is in our lives every day. Let’s live this 27th day of Advent with that same mystery and joy.

Happy 27th Day of Advent!

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