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The Simplicity of Christmas

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

“The Simplicity of Christmas”

The 23rd Day of Advent

December 19, 2022

And she gave birth to her firstborn son; and she wrapped Him in cloths, and laid Him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn (Luke 2.7).

Christmas Night in Bethlehem (Alleaume, Ludovic (1859-1941)

I love the simplicity of that first Christmas. We would do well to pay more attention to the simplicity of Christmas as opposed to the commercialization of the season.

That first Christmas did not have any of the following which seem to define our celebration of Christmas celebrations today.

  • All the emphasis on buying - the emphasis on presents.

  • Black Friday after Thanksgiving

  • Cyber Monday

  • Green Monday

  • Free Shipping Day

  • Super Friday (tomorrow, the last shopping day before Christmas Day)

  • All the lights and decorations

  • All the parties and special events

  • The laments of busyness – too much to do

  • Year-end giving emphases for churches and ministries and the continued onslaught of emails to keep reminding us of that more money is needed. (I get weary of them – does anyone else?)

I love the simplicity of that first Christmas. There’s nothing I enjoy more that the quietness of the living room after everyone has gone to bed – gazing into the warmth of a fire, just thinking and meditating on why Christ came and what life it all about. I love the joy of remembering that Christmas and life are all about Jesus. I’m sad at all that distracts from that central truth.

That’s why I love focusing on the simplicity of that first Christmas.

  • No room in the inn – just a quiet manger as His birthplace

  • Just an infant – is there anything more profound than an infant? And in this case the Son of God as a baby!!!!!!!!!

  • Jesus laid in a manger – a feed trough for animals, surrounded by animals

  • The quiet rustling of animals (brings back memories of the farm for me)

  • Wrapped in swaddling cloths

  • Angels announced His birth to shepherds

  • Worshipped by shepherds

  • Simple and profound worship (Luke 2.19,20)

  • Celebrating Jesus – one conversation at a time (Luke 2.17)

Things to do to keep the focus on the simplicity of Christmas

  • Take time to worship daily – make it your highest priority, and do it with others (that’s what I love about Advent – it keeps me focused on Jesus)

  • Take time to be still – I’m not against doing but being and being still is always the core of life

  • Make your home a place of worship

  • Focus on conversations that make a difference – they don’t have to be long conversations, but make your conversations meaningful and appreciative ones

  • Focus on gifts that make a difference

  • If you can make gifts, make them

  • Think about what might be remembered about this Christmas

  • Whatever you do, make your celebration a genuine reflection of who you really are

  • Whatever you do, make your Christmas celebration a genuine reflection of Jesus and who He really is. After all, Christmas is JESUS!

What will we do this December 19 which will make this day a day to remember?

Happy 23rd Day of Advent!

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