Six Essentials for Finishing Well Study

Welcome to this discipleship project from Finishing Well Ministries.
We’d like to suggest the following format to engage this SIX part series.

Work on it as a group project. Make it a Sunday School series, a home group, or use it as a small group anywhere. The best practice might be to watch the video and do the homework by yourself or with your spouse before you meet as a group. Then work through the project as a group, discussing the verses and the ideas as a group. Or, use this project as your own personal growth project. There is a Study Workbook available with the series. Please download a free version or you may purchase a hard copy through Amazon (see below). The pre-class video library provides access to all SIX sessions

You can also JOIN A LIVE GROUP here with Finishing Well Ministries as Dr Hal Habecker facilitates the series via ZOOM. If you are interested, please contact Dr Habecker to find out more details. CONTACT DR HABECKER


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What the Bible Says About Growing Older:

The Exciting Potential for This Season of Life

by Dr. Hal Habecker (Author)  

“You never fish in the same river twice.” The river is always changing. That’s true of life as well. Each day is different from the day before. We ourselves are different. Therefore, God keeps giving us opportunities to grow. Because this is true, let’s consider some important biblical principles about aging.

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