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what is the church

FINISHING WELL: What is the Church

SUMMARY KEYWORDS room, life, ruts, baloney, earplugs, hogwash, spiritual, church, o'clock, music, anymore, aging, sunday mornings

SPEAKERS Dr. Hal Habecker

We're locked into this idea that what happens in a room is the church. Hogwash. That's a bunch of baloney. What happens in people's lives is the church, and we can be that act anywhere we go. As aging people. If you said one thing about Jesus, what would you say? What would mark his life to you? Wouldn't it be his love for you? Would it be the love of which he died on a cross? But why do we get in our ruts? Why do we say I don't like this music anymore? I don't want to go. You're gonna need earplugs or maybe too loud sometimes I don't know but shouldn't keep us from loving people shouldn't keep us from reaching out. The spiritual life doesn't happen in a room on Sunday mornings at 10 o'clock or 11 o'clock. Spiritual Life happens in life.

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