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who is finishing well for?

FINISHING WELL: Who is Finishing Well for?

SUMMARY KEYWORDS aging, god, focused, finishing, intent, life, ministries, mission, address, ministry, tagline, missional

SPEAKERS Dr. Hal Habecker

Finishing while ministry is focused that anybody, particularly in the aging years, wondering what is God's mission for my life, we have a tagline fulfilling God's plan for your aging years. What is God's plan for your age in years? Why have I lived all these years? And is there something out there for me? That builds on all those experiences that God has given me? And how do I use them? How do I use them in the church? How do I use them in the family? How do I use them in my community? So finishing well Ministries is focused on helping to address that missional intent for why God has us here every year of our lives, particularly the retirement years.

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