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So teach us to number our days,That we may present to You a heart of wisdom (Psalm 90.12)

One may retire from an occupation, but a disciple of Christ never retires from being the greatest impact

for the kingdom that one could be.

​We will GROW


We will CARE


We will INVEST

We will be AVAILABLE


Dr. Howard G. Hendricks was a teacher, mentor, friend, and an encourager to me. He was one of those people who planted the idea of “finishing well” in my mind and heart 35 years ago. He preached this message many years ago, and it still is one of the best messages I’ve heard on “finishing well.” Please take time to listen to it.  ~ Dr. Hal Habecker

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The Peloton Newsletter

The peloton (in cycling) does not exist for itself. The peloton is comprised of others and it exists for others. The energy of the peloton only grows out of what the riders give to help and encourage one another.  To me, the peloton is a picture of the mission of an aging/retiring generation.



What Is Necessary to Finish Well?

By Hal Habecker

We’re off and running in 2019. I’m excited about this year, and I look forward with anticipation to all that God will lead us into this new year. As I think about finishing well, my ambition is to continue to keep living into all that He has for me. Just because we reach a certain age (retirement?), we do not stop from living with impact for the cause of Christ. As Robert Browning says, “The best is yet to be.” 

"Not since the days of Noah has God done for a generation of people what He is doing for this generation of senior adults. Celebrate your extended life, health and resources as His gift for His purposes. Use these additional years for His glory."         - Chuck Kelly, President New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

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