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FINISHING WELL: Are Older People Marginalized in Today's Society

SUMMARY KEYWORDS aging , robert browning, life, finished, opportunities, anticipate, isolated, retirement, purposeful, limitless, culture , season , turning , roman , god , plan , worldwide phenomenon, apostle, offer, embrace

SPEAKERS Dr. Hal Habecker

The great English poet Robert Browning once said, grow old along with me the best is yet to be.
But have true is that for us retired in America.
Our culture says older people have a lesser and more diminished role.
We're isolated own communities, marginalized, people whose best years are in the rearview mirror, really.
And yet we as a culture are aging faster than ever before. In the US, 10,000 of us are turning 65 every day. And it's a worldwide phenomenon. So what are we going to do about it?
What happens when we realize that retirement is not the same as a life long vacation? What happens when we start asking now what?
Who is there to guide us through this next important season of life, perhaps the most important season of our lives, we have so much to offer. There are so many needs that God designs for aging people to complete. We have too much to learn too much to share too much to give. Our mission ahead needs to be clear and purposeful.
Finishing one's career, once work and family rearing goals does not mean the end of God's plan for you. He ordains all of our days, all of our years.
Are we ready to look forward and anticipate the future together to embrace the challenges and opportunities this season of life has to offer?
We are not finished. So let's be like the apostle Paul, who writing from a Roman prison in his mid 60s said let's press on. There is more to life. The opportunities for continued growth and impact are limitless fact. The best is yet to be

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