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We will INVEST in the generations following us

SEVEN Essentials for Finishing Well

Thanks for joining us as we navigate through the SEVEN Essentials for Finishing Well. If you haven't already, please DOWNLOAD (or purchase) the SEVEN Essentials Workbook. You can download the entire workbook or you can download each Essential as you work through the series.


Once you have the workbook, pray that God will inspire you through the study, then WATCH the short video as Dr Hal Habecker walks you through each Essential. If you have any questions as you work through the series, feel free to reach out to Dr. Habecker via this link. 

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Seniors Laughing

God calls us to invest our lives into each other and even more so in the generations that follow us (Psalm 71.17,18).


Older generations exist to love and encourage the generations following them. This is true in the family, in the church, and in communities in which we live.

As we consider this 4th essential, “Investing,” consider these questions. Think aloud about them and discuss them as a group.

  • Why does God allow us to age? Why did He ordain the aging years as a part of life?

  • What are His purposes in our aging years?

  • What are the advantages for each of us in having older and younger people in our lives?

  • What are the advantages of older people in the life of a congregation? 

We’d like to suggest at least two ideas.

First, God wants us to keep growing and trusting Him for all that He wants to be to us and in us in our aging years. Regardless of the hardships, we face in the later years, God wants us to keep growing, to keep connecting, and to keep caring and loving those He designs to be a part of our lives (that’s our summary of the first 3 essentials).

Second, we are convinced that one of the reasons God leaves us in this life for our aging years is for the purpose of investing our lives in the generations that follow us. The following key Scriptures bring this biblical truth and personal conviction into clear focus.

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