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learning from other's mistakes

FINISHING WELL : Learning from Other's Mistakes

SUMMARY KEYWORDS israel, aging, military commander, david, learn, bible, kingdom, own insecurities, cover, king, king david, jesus, joab, penalty, bases, profound, mission, greatest


SPEAKERS Dr. Hal Habecker

You learn a lot from the mistakes aging people make in the Bible King David, the greatest king of all Israel, is awesome. Had a heart for God but nobody's perfect. David as he's aging, says, You know, I think I'm losing control of the kingdom. So he says, Does Joab the military commander? Let's go number Israel. Job says, David, you're nuts. Why do you want to number Israel? You're the king. Everybody loves you. Anyways, David says I want them numbered anyways, and God judges him for acting out of his own insecurities to cover his bases. And the penalty is profound. So you can learn a lot from characters in the Bible, who finished well who didn't finish well and who was in the middle and our mission is to be like Jesus every day of our lives.

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