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LOVING THE other's mistakes

FINISHING WELL: Loving the Next Generation

SUMMARY KEYWORDS next generation, change, mission, understand, generation, live, sexuality, jesus, reach, ways, incarnation, biblical truth, number, connect, aging


SPEAKERS Dr. Hal Habecker

Your culture issues on sexuality, they're changing. So how do you reach the next generation with biblical truth? Well, number one, you have to be convinced them of yourself. And then number two, you have to wait into their generation, live with them understand what there are and look for ways to share truth of them. That's why I love Jesus, the Incarnation, God lived with us. He sent his son to live in our world, he understands us. So every older person's mission is to understand the next generation not to make them like their own generation, but to understand where they're coming from. So they can jump in life and help them live when people come into your life. You're looking for ways to connect, not to change them into who you are. So that's the mission of aging people. How do you love the next generation?

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