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Welcome to the Finishing Well Podcast Series

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“You never fish in the same river twice.” The river is always changing. That’s true of life as well. Each day is different from the day before. We ourselves are different. Therefore, God keeps giving us opportunities to grow. Because this is true, let’s consider some important biblical principles about aging.The podcast will touch upon many subjects related to aging, senior life, church life, scripture, and God’s plan for us. Most podcasts will involve discussions between Hal and Randy, sometimes including interviews with each other or with other guests. It is Hal and Randy’s fervent desire that by sharing and exploring God’s plan for older citizens in this podcast, seniors will gain a better understanding of ways they can finish well. It is also our hope that seniors will thereby find greater joy in their lives than they had ever imagined for their aging years. We will endeavor to help the listener understand the role he or she already has as a senior seeking to finish well. We will also strive to illustrate how the finishing well track can fill a void too many of us feel about our worth, our value, and our purpose in our aging years. If we are able to clarify the message we know the Lord wants all of us to grasp, we hope the listener will find a renewed sense of purpose, meaning and joy in his or her life every day.

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