Welcome to the Finishing Well Podcast Series

We hope and pray that the FWM podcast ministry will serve you well in engaging with our mission – “Fulfilling God’s Plan in Our Aging Years.” God has a plan for our aging years. God has a mission for us in our again years. On each FWM podcast, our objective and prayer is that you will discover wisdom, insight, and encouragement to sharpen the mission God has for you. 


Our audience is every retired follower of Christ. There are approximately 15-20 million retired Christians scattered across this country. We believe we can make a difference. If this podcast helps you in any way, tell others about it? Share the information and podcast link with your network, your friends, and your church.


Over the lang haul, we will discuss numerous issues. Below each podcast your find a short description regarding the content. Browse the list and engage with your aging. Keep sharpening the mission God has for you.


Most podcasts will be conversational, between Founder/President Hal Habecker and FWM board member, Randy Hess. Occasionally there may be one speaker addressing a particular topic. We also hope to engage you with the stories of people who are finishing well, using their stories and their example to encourage all of us.