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What does the Bible say about growing older? Are there steps to consider as we work to finish the race and finish it well?

Dr. Hal Habecker has pinpointed 7 critical essentials to living and finishing life well. As followers of Christ, we are called to keep growing spiritually, to keep being conformed to the image of Christ, to keep building the church, to keep sharing the Gospel, to keep on being ambassadors for Christ, to keep using our giftedness, and to keep on making disciples in every one of our retirement years. Mobilizing seniors throughout their retirement years is our purpose.

  • We will GROW – we will not stay the same. Growth is at the heart of life.
  • We will CONNECT – we will not live alone – we will continue to build strong friendships.
  • We will CARE/LOVE OTHERS – we will love and be there for others in their needs.
  • We will INVEST in generations following us, beginning with our families.
  • We will BE AVAILABLE as God calls us to serve others.
  • We will PLAN AHEAD for when we are gone.
  • We will PLAN AHEAD for heaven.

Seven Essentials for Finishing Well Study Guide

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