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FINISHING WELL: Resisting Change

SUMMARY KEYWORDS desert hills, god, change, grumpy old men, grumpy, sabbath, age, slot, shepherd, career, life, genius, Christian, Egypt

SPEAKERS Dr. Hal Habecker

Remember they made the movie Grumpy Old Men. Why are people grumpy and old? One of the reasons is aging people realize that they don't like change. But there is the genius of what God made. He designed to change to help us grow. That's true for every age in life. So I say to myself, Am I growing? Am I changing? Or do I want to slide into this Gropius slot life and have Sabbath not going to change where you can't think that way? If you're a Christian, God is always leading us forward to what's up. Bowser has picked up his career at he was a shepherd out on the desert hills and God says I want you to go to Egypt and leave my people. So how many people is he saying this to at age 80? Would you do this and this and this? Why never thought about that? Well, let's do it.

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