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We will be AVAILABLE - as God calls us to serve

SEVEN Essentials for Finishing Well

Thanks for joining us as we navigate through the SEVEN Essentials for Finishing Well. If you haven't already, please DOWNLOAD (or purchase) the Six Essentials Workbook. You can download the entire workbook or you can download each Essential as you work through the series.


Once you have the workbook, pray that God will inspire you through the study, then WATCH the short video as Dr Hal Habecker walks you through each Essential. If you have any questions as you work through the series, feel free to reach out to Dr. Habecker via this link. 

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Each new day brings new opportunities to engage with others.


God calls us to live each day with an eagerness to be available to people and situations with whom we can make a difference.


God calls us to live each day being alert to the opportunities He opens to us. Our Lord Jesus lived that way each day.

“Being Available” simply means being open to new ways and new people through which God  leads us. He often leads us in ways we might never have dreamt.


This is true of my life. God arranged it. He arranged it through friendships. I went to Taylor University because of an older brother. God led me to Dallas Seminary through a missionary I met while serving in Haiti on a summer mission project. I met my wife in Dallas through a blind date set up by a close friend. I was introduced to a ministry to Christian physicians and dentists in a Sunday School class my wife and I were attending. God works through “random” events. I am where I am today because of people I’ve met and experiences I have had that have changed me and even the course of my life. I didn’t plan it that way. God led me through all the above, and He keeps leading me now in the same ways. I believe the key is being available to the leadership of God in life.

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