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Episode 3: Six Essentials to Finishing Well - #1 We will GROW

What happens when retired believers allow themselves to be sidelined for ministry? On this episode, Hal and Randy discuss the feeling of being locked away in a Senior Treasure Vault and how to break from the stigma that we're ever "done" with ministry.

Episode 4: Six Essentials to Finishing Well - We will CONNECT

The power of relationships is more and more profoud as we get on in years. Connecting with others is the second of our six essentials for finishing well becuase it is where we find purpose and ignite compassion for others. Finding ways to love and serve others guards us from isolation, bitterness, and loneliness.

Episode 5: Six Essentials for Finishing Well - #3 LOVE

What does it mean to truly follow the two "greatest commandments" to love God and love others? As we age, we become more comfortable with our familiar relationships, but God calls us to continue finding ways to share Christ's love with a hurting world and pay attention to where the Spirit is leading us, even when it is new territory. It's what Jesus did for us and the example we must follow.

Episode 6: Investing in Generations Following Us

Instead of dwelling on our past, God calls us to focus on what He is doing in our lives right now too. When we do that, we pour our lives into generations following us, just as Psalm 71 says. One of the greatest services we can provide for the generations coming after us is to tell them how much we love them and how special they are to our lives. In this episode, we'll discuss how to do that, even if they act as if they don't want it.

Episode 7: Be Available

Being available doesn't always mean having a clear space in your calendar. God doesn't really pay attention to your schedule and we must learn to be ready to respond when He calls us to opportunities for ministry. Those of us who have retired must learn that we never retire from God's service and purpose!

Episode 8: Preparing for The End

No one likes to think about "the end." What if instead of letting it scare us, we saw it as a way to hand off responsibility to the next generation? As we wrap up our series on the 6 Essentials for Finishing Well, we're talking about the issue of the end of our lives and what kind of legacy we want to leave.

Episode 39: A senior's role in Thanksgiving

As Thanksgiving approaches in a season of division, seniors may be searching for their role in navigating the Thanksgiving holiday. Hal and Randy discuss the fundamental attitude of gratitude and what that looks like for seniors at the family gathering.

Episode 40: Humility in Life and Aging

The idea situation for those of us who are aging is that as we get older we become wiser and more experienced. Therefore, it should produce humility in us. Does it though? In this episode, Hal and Randy will discuss what humility looks like in our later years.

Episode 41: What we are continuing to learn from Finishing Well

As 2021 begins to wind down, Hal and Randy reflect on what they have learned by working through Finishing Well Ministries. Listen in on three big takeaways from the beginning of working with Seniors specifically and what that tells us about the future.

Episode 42: What blocks us from fulfilling God's plan in our lives as we age?

In this episode, Hal and Randy pitch 6 different things that aging people think or believe that actually hold them back from Finishing Well. What's holding you back? Is there something you feel is preventing you from doing what God is asking of you? Find out in this episode of Finishing Well!

Episode 43: Lessons from the Life of Joseph

Do you ever look back on your life and think, "that didn't turn out like I thought it would?" You would probably identify with no Bible character more than Joseph. After God's promise to make him great, his life took a turn that no one would have predicted. However, God uses all things to work towards His will and Joseph is a story that shows us the reward of faith. As we finish well, let's learn from the life of Joseph together as an example!

Episode 44: The Core of Growing Spiritually

Scripture has so much to teach us about growing spiritually in our walk with Jesus. The good news is that God is never finished with us, no matter what age or stage we find ourselves in! Hal and Randy are back to talk about what being a lifelong learner looks like, even if we are in our twilight years.

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