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“Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday”

Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday

As this week is the “Passion Week” of our Lord and Savior, we simply must take time to reflect on our Savior’s death and resurrection. While these are words spoken in the agony of the One crucified in my place and for my sin, these are words of the confidence of victory over sin and the power of death. These are words of the One who came to do and complete His Father’s will and purpose in His life.


As I prepare my heart for Good Friday and reflect on the seven last words of Christ on the cross, it occurs to me that Jesus’ last words are words that ought to be at the heart of every believer intently focused on “finishing well.” As one of our final lessons in our “Finishing Well” curriculum focuses on death (the 6th Essential), I was drawn to the idea of seeing the seven final words of our Lord as our own words as we contemplate the finish of our lives on this earth.


As Jesus prepared for His own death, our deepest desire would be to complete our own lives just as He finished His - “I have accomplished the work which You have given Me to do” (John 17.4).


But it is not just at the end of our lives that these 7 last words ought to be true of our own lives. They should be our words at the end of every day. Not one of us has any guarantee of tomorrow, so we ought to finish each day well. As I often say, the way to finish life well is to finish each day well. If I finish each day well, I will finish life well. These thoughts are written to that end.


Finishing Well Ministries
Hal Habecker

We’re on a mission to exhort and encourage every person 50+, every person getting closer to retirement season and every person in retirement season to embrace a vision for all that God desires for them in this critically important season of life.

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Happy Easter, Hal

The Seven Last Words From Christ On The Cross


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